Custom Safety Uniforms

Staying Safe and Professional with Custom Safety Uniforms

Many jobs come with increased risks, and ensuring safety and regulatory compliance while maintaining a professional look is a challenge. Image Pros combines OSHA-standard apparel with expert customization for products that meet the highest standards for safety and professionalism. No matter what industry you work in, we have the custom uniform you need to complete the job safely while still sporting your brand.

Our Custom Safety Uniforms Working for You

Our apparel comes with everything you need to comply with OSHA standards, including:

  • Black checkmark

    Reflective strips

  • Black checkmark

    Safety colors

  • Black checkmark

    Protective features for first responders

  • Black checkmark

    Custom design to fit unique demands

  • Black checkmark

    And more

Rough work environments can place exceptional strain on your gear, which is why Image Pros tailors our design approach and apparel selection to provide you with a durable custom safety uniform. Utilizing top notch equipment and appropriate stitch technique, we craft logos that withstand wear and washing. Our experts know exactly what you need to maintain your look in harsh conditions.

Custom Safety Uniform Styles

Image Pros offers every uniform you need for enhanced safety. Some of our styles include:

  • Industrial Jackets. An exhaustive range of light and heavyweight coats and jackets for any climate and condition.

  • OSHA standard t-shirts, hoodies, and other apparel. All you need for safe, layered looks for your brand.

  • First Responder jackets and additional uniform elements. Pieces designed especially for dangerous conditions, including flame and heat resistant apparel.

  • Hats. Caps, beanies, and more with added safety features.

  • And more.

Resilient. Professional. Safe. Everything You Need in a Uniform.

Before you head out on the job, Image Pros will ensure you are equipped with a professional, industry-standard uniform to handle the job at hand. Our experts are here to help you through the design process and provide you with above-grade service and quality when it comes to creating your custom safety uniforms.

Get equipped with gear that keeps you professional without compromising safety. Contact us today to start your design and order your fully-refundable, customizable sample kit so we can get you fit for success with custom safety uniforms.

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