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Coast to Coast Custom Apparel from the Image Pros

Your business needs quality custom apparel to represent your brand, no matter where you are. Just as importantly, you need consistent service regardless of location when undergoing the design and ordering process for the products that wear your name. Image Pros offers superior design, quality products, and excellent customer experience no matter where in the nation you are located. Our experts ensure the consistency of design and service that your business deserves, and we take pride in delivering the highest quality products to our clients, without hassle, in all areas served.

Nationwide Services - Our Customer Experience in All Areas Served

Image Pros fits you for success in quality custom apparel, wherever you are. While the needs of your company vary from others, our approach to quality is consistent. Here’s what you can expect from Image Pros:

  • Customized design: Our Image Pros staff works with you to develop the design for your custom apparel, ensuring your design holds up to wear and tear and is suited to your apparel choice and work environment.

  • Personalized fit: We assist you in selecting a collection of appropriate apparel to place into your fully refundable sample kit. During this process, we evaluate environmental conditions, design demands, and safety requirements to ensure your apparel will go the distance.

  • Try before you buy: Your team views and tries on the selected garments from your sample kit, and places an order for customized pieces in your chosen attire.

  • Lasting design and easy reordering: Once you receive your perfectly fit, top-quality custom apparel order, you can return the sample kit for a full refund, or keep it to use for subsequent fittings and orders.

Our focus in the creation of our nationwide custom apparel ordering business is providing a streamlined system for our clients that ensures satisfaction. Our process is based on years of experience and best-practices in the industry that have allowed us to hone our operation to excel above the competition. Image Pros provides quality custom apparel with customer service you can count on, and we are dedicated to ensuring our clients are satisfied with their custom products.

Michigan Custom Apparel Services

Creating and ordering custom apparel for your business is a tricky prospect, and with the wrong designer, leads to disappointing products that don’t serve your brand well. As a company born and bred in Michigan, we are dedicated to offering top-quality Michigan custom apparel services to all the businesses in our “neighborhood.” We know the impact your business has on our communities here in Michigan. We want to partner with you to amplify your brand with quality apparel that displays superior design that reflects the best of your company. At Image Pros, we don’t cut corners, and we don’t produce products we know won’t do well under duress. We are dedicated to creating the right pieces and designs for you using top-of-the-line equipment and techniques. We produce quality products for our customers in Michigan and all areas served, every time.

Custom Apparel in Southeast Michigan

Your business needs a dependable source for custom apparel, whether your business is located in Southeast Michigan alone, or has locations throughout the state and country. Image Pros creates a superior customer experience through our industry-leading design techniques, unique Fit for Success Sample Kits, and excellent customer service. Our convenient group stores make it easy to set up a one-stop shop for all your custom apparel, no matter how big or small the geographical footprint of your company is. Your business is assured of the consistency of design performance and quality that comes with every Image Pros design.

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Image Pros is committed to our clients' success in all areas served. Get fit for success with quality design and durable custom apparel with Image Pros. Contact us today to get started on your sample kit and custom design.

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