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The idea for Image Pros evolved out of years of experience in the custom apparel industry. Throughout our history, we have remained focused on one main goal: providing high quality design and apparel to our customers while providing exceptional customer service. Through our experience with Kensington Valley Varsity, our parent company, we have honed the techniques and know-how to create superior designs for our clients that bring their logos and designs to life. At Image Pros, we are experts in embroidery, screen printing, and graphic design, utilizing industry-leading machines and software to ensure our customers receive the highest quality design possible.

When Image Pros was founded, our dream was to create a streamlined process for obtaining custom apparel that offered customers both high quality customization and perfected fit with as little work as possible. We realized the frustration of customers who received orders that didn’t fit as expected, and the nuisance of refilling orders to find the right fit. As a result, we decided we wanted to provide a way for customers to see, feel, and try on their garments before filling their order to ensure that not only would their product look great, but it would feel great as well.

This dream found its fulfillment in the creation of our revolutionary Fit for Success Sample Kits. Image Pros customers have the opportunity to find an item they love before even placing an order, so there are no surprises when the order arrives.

Our unique approach to custom apparel design offers clients the ideal experience for ordering and designing apparel. Our group stores, design studio tool, and sample kits create a straightforward and satisfying process for our customers. At Image Pros, we do everything with the customer in mind. Our friendly service, expert techniques, and unique sample kits remain cornerstones of our business as we endeavor to create the best custom apparel and ordering experience for our clients, day in and day out.

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